How Sick?!?!

Sicker Than Most is a self made American independent music conglomerate made up of artists, production and back end business. This provides the team ownership over their music, content and future.

Representing Manchester, New Hampshire and led by CEO NewCountry, Sicker Than Most is the epitome of music business. Pro Tools, FL Studio, MPC and direct input availability for instruments all are ready! Located on159 South Main St, Manchester NH

NewCountry is a music artist, professional engineer and produces for some of his own hits. Raised in Manchester NH, NewCountry has been the cement that binds the bricks of the Sicker Than Most foundation. Handling growth for the Sicker Than Most future, NewCountry has shown his devotion through loss and gains in the New England music scene.

Now NewCountry has open the doors to an appointment only based recording studio located on South Main St, Manchester NH for artists to get the highest quality recording and production experience for the lowest price possible. NewCountry is also known to direct and edit some of his own music videos in his early career. Giving the CEO plenty of experience for his daily tasks with other artists.

Maytrixxx!!! Sadly one of our brothers that helped mold Sicker Than Most in its earliest days, lost his life in December of 2021. Long Live Maytrixxx #LLMaytrixxx and to this day we scream ‘MAYDAY!!!’ in his honor!

Humanitarian, singer/songwriter, Maytrixxx represents a unique journey through time, sound and experience. Rugged bars from real life situations, melodic rhythms are all a part of the show. A whole vibe! Hip hop infused RnB, with new age music production, Maytrixxx satisfies a blend of emotions. Aggressive stories and melodic chants push the envelope, where Maytrixxx shines the brightest!

First Degree is a music artist and producer that also has a professional engineering background. Boston Massachusetts native and also representing for the city of Manchester NH, First Degree is known for authentic hip hop. Holding high regard for the culture you will find soulful chops, hard hitting bars and punchlines that leave the listener enlightened.

These skills are accompanied by the expert touch of photography and cinematography and music video director roles, when necessary. Years experience of not only creating content but marketing and promoting the First Degree and Sicker Than Most brands. First Degree is the perfect candidate for future collaborations or production off of his longevity in the industry.

Brian Tyrie is an American music producer, who specializes in marketing and business development for a long list of clients. As a teenager Brian Tyrie learned music instruments but as they say, was a master of none. Fast forward after years of studying marketing and business, Brian Tyrie also dedicated a great deal of time learning music theory.

Blogger, digital marketer, website developer and many other services have led to the expertise Brian Tyrie brings to the table. Multi-genre music production with exclusive rights and a history of consistent success in the industry. Bridging the gaps between entertainment and marketing, creating momentum by way of brand appeal.