“Never Give Up” by The Big Andizzle, NewCountry of STM featuring Mr. Goodbarz

Sicker Than Most is happy to announce NEW MUSIC! Add to your Playlists and hashtag #SickerThanMost and #SupportYourLocalANYTHING so we can show love back!

The fast tongue you hear on the first verse and hook of “Never Give Up” is The Big Andizzle aka RaGety Andy, co-founder of Sicker Than Most. RaGety whips the beat into submission on his verse and then lays back for a melodic chorus. You can also find RaGety on punk rock and other genres so follow here! “Money ain’t the problem, I get it 5 different ways, so what you talkin bout son?”

NewCountry, slays the second verse with the aggressive tone that the beat calls for. Speaking real stories and perspectives from the streets. NewCountry has word play, delivery, metaphoric punch lines (KO’s). All of the local scene here can confirm that the Sicker Than Most team is working night and day, weekends and weekdays to spread their sound throughout the region. New England is responding in the most positive of ways, so look out for NewCountry and Sicker Than Most popping out in a city near YOU!

Mr. Goodbarz is a multi-talented musician through and through. Keyboardist for the Hard Rock/Heavy Metal NEHHA award winning band Sepsiss, successful music producer and owner of ToyBox Studios. We aren’t done… Mr. Goodbarz also produced the beat and you can hear him wreak havoc on the third verse of “Never Give Up”. You can check out more of his music at MrGoodbarz.com and ask him about Young Hustle League (YHL).

Kingwave_AR x TheReal_Adonis “Family Ties” Brings ENERGY

Kingwave_AR and TheReal_Adonis are always setting the bar higher and higher on record and in their performances. “Family Ties” is exactly what it sounds like, prod Jackpot. The track and cover art compliment the message in the anthem. Sicker Than Most x Family Forever Entertainment represent!

Family Forever by Kingwave_AR and TheReal_Adonis

Kingwave_AR and TheReal_Adonis of Sicker Than Most recently released “Family Forever” which consists of some of their most recent bangers. “Truth Be Told” by Kingwave_AR and NewCountry has already been featured in TKK (The Kuldesac Krew) Magazine.

“Family Forever” also features singles “We Gettin Buzy” and “Headshot” and “One on One”. Not to mention the other members of Sicker Than Most such as NewCountry, Hollywood Slim and Teeupp.

Click here for other streaming platforms if you are not currently using Spotify. Be sure to add your favorite tracks to your playlists and share with the hashtags #SickerThanMost and #FamilyForeverSTM

The Local Showdown at Jewel Night Club Sept 30 2021

Make sure to pull up on Sicker Than Most, Jewel Night Club, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 2021 AT 8 PM to 1 AM 61 Canal St, Manchester, NH 03101-2302 We will be in full attendance with acts from The Evil Twinz and YKLR. $30 tickets at the door or contact a member of Sicker Than Most! Must be 21+ with valid ID.

“Never Fall” Kingwave_AR TheReal_Adonis NewCountry

A trippy intro leads us to an epic crash scene that initiates the hook of “Never Fall”. TheReal_Adonis sets the energy on the chorus as a perfect handoff. Kingwave_AR then paints the verse, by opening crystal clear with the lyrics :

“I took my life for granted, let me tell you shxt was hard// I tried to look up to the sky, with the intent to talk to God// but I ain’t see nothin or hear nothin, and all I saw was stars, so i decided to become one, now you find me up on Mars//” – Kingwave_AR

TheReal_Adonis returns from the chorus to the second verse, putting the beat in pain with his gritty metaphoric, multi-syllable style. An aggressive vibe complimenting the chorus, to tell the second chapter (verse) of the “Never Fall” story line. Rhythmic flow switches show how many styles the beat can support. True art at its finest, for the hip hop connoisseur.

NewCountry unleashes a confident verse about the lifestyle of the Sicker Than Most camp. Money, music and stages are the settings for the hard working STM Sicker Than Most brand. NewCountry closes “Never Fall” with the third verse, with confidence and swag. Consistency, work ethic and dedication to business plans have boosted NewCountry through the ranks of the music industry.

Follow SickerThanMost.com and click here for the Sicker Than Most Spotify Playlist to hear more tracks!

Kingwave_AR (left) NewCountry (center) TheReal_Adonis (right) representing Sicker Than Most in Laconia NH. The Granite State Music Hall

“STM On The Rise” by First Degree of STM

In case you were ever wondering “who is Sicker Than Most”? you definitely need to get hip with First Degree‘s new jam “STM On The Rise” to get familiar. Every bar is a description of a day in the life of a Sicker Than Most artist/producer. A Boston born music artist, First Degree brings a nostalgic east coast flow, describing the rock star lifestyle that has been earned from the blood, sweat and tears that lead to the independent music industry.

Add your favorite tracks to your personal playlists and feel free to share them on social media with the hashtag #STM and #SupportYourLocalANYTHING How Sick?!?!? Sick Sicker Than Most!!!

“Who Want Smoke” TheReal_Adonis x Kingwave_AR of STM

Who Want Smoke is a summer anthem for anyone that likes to burn down some ganja. The aggressive tone that Kingwave_AR and TheReal_Adonis are known for. Ad libs and lyrics compliment the beat, Engineered by NewCountry so lets turn it all the way up!! How Sick?!? SICKER THAN MOST!

Gritty piano vibes and booming 808’s lay the canvas for TheReal_Adonis x Kingwave_AR on “Who Want Smoke” TheReal_Adonis x Kingwave_AR of STM SICKER THAN MOST.

Bringing a new sound to the round table. New England hip hop has evolved and the Sicker Than Most team leads the charge. Support Your Local Anything!

Sicker Than Most Spotify Playlist

Follow the Sicker Than Most Spotify Playlist to keep up with all the new releases. The conglomerate of music artists and producers has reached new heights, with an arsenal in constant production. Manufacturing future trends in their Manchester NH home base, Sicker Than Most Studio, the future is LIT! Add your favorite tracks to your personal playlists and feel free to share them on social media with the hashtag #STM and #SupportYourLocalANYTHING How Sick?!?!? Sick Sicker Than Most!!!

Straight Out Of Quarantine April 23, 2021 Laconia NH

Sicker Than Most showed out on stage in Laconia NH April 23, 2021 for the Kush Da Belli Main Event. Hosted and presented by the East Beast Crew, the night was a MOVIE!

NewCountry, First Deggre, Hollywood Slim, Kingwave_AR, TheReal_Adonis, The Big Andizzle and TeeUp blessed the crowds with hits. Follow on Facebook to catch all our future performance dates!


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