“Never Give Up” by The Big Andizzle, NewCountry of STM featuring Mr. Goodbarz

Sicker Than Most is happy to announce NEW MUSIC! Add to your Playlists and hashtag #SickerThanMost and #SupportYourLocalANYTHING so we can show love back!

The fast tongue you hear on the first verse and hook of “Never Give Up” is The Big Andizzle aka RaGety Andy, co-founder of Sicker Than Most. RaGety whips the beat into submission on his verse and then lays back for a melodic chorus. You can also find RaGety on punk rock and other genres so follow here! “Money ain’t the problem, I get it 5 different ways, so what you talkin bout son?”

NewCountry, slays the second verse with the aggressive tone that the beat calls for. Speaking real stories and perspectives from the streets. NewCountry has word play, delivery, metaphoric punch lines (KO’s). All of the local scene here can confirm that the Sicker Than Most team is working night and day, weekends and weekdays to spread their sound throughout the region. New England is responding in the most positive of ways, so look out for NewCountry and Sicker Than Most popping out in a city near YOU!

Mr. Goodbarz is a multi-talented musician through and through. Keyboardist for the Hard Rock/Heavy Metal NEHHA award winning band Sepsiss, successful music producer and owner of ToyBox Studios. We aren’t done… Mr. Goodbarz also produced the beat and you can hear him wreak havoc on the third verse of “Never Give Up”. You can check out more of his music at MrGoodbarz.com and ask him about Young Hustle League (YHL).

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